Remanufactured Engines Currently In Stock Ready For Immediate Delivery

Operating out of a dedicated, 20,000 sq. ft. facility, Hercules Manufacturing is a large producer of remanufactured, diesel, industrial engines, covering most major brand, including, Perkins, Deutz, Hercules, Cummins, and Detroit. Our current inventory of engine packaged, and ready to ship, is below.


All remanufactured engines are:

Remanufactured to factory specifications

Magnafluxed castings to meet re-use qualifications

Updated flange liners when required

One year warranty - painted, skidded, and ready to ship.

Fully dyno tested with report: dynamometer test recording horsepower and engine parameters through varying loads.

All engines painted, bagged/tagged and skidded for shipment to customer for installation.


For more information on Remanufactured Engines

Call or Email Mark: (330)819-5466 -

Don't see the engine you are looking for? We can reman your existing engine, with a fast turnaround.

Don't see your exact build number? We may be able to quickly convert one of our stock engines to your specific configuration. Call our engine specialists to see how we can help.


CUMMINS - REMAN 4B CUMMINS ENGINE - Part Number: CPL2361    On Hand: 1


DEUTZ - REMAN F4M2011 DEUTZ ENGINE - Part Number: F4M2011F   On Hand: 2

DEUTZ - REMAN F4M1011F DEUTZ ENGINE - Part Number: F4M1011F  On Hand: 2

HERCULES - REMAN G3400 LONG BLOCK - Part Number: G-3400X267 L/B  On Hand: 1

PERKINS - REMAN 900 SERIES PERKINS ENGINE - Part Number CP80943  On Hand: 1

PERKINS - REMAN 1004-4 PERKINS ENGINE - Part Number: AG80757  On Hand: 1

PERKINS - REMAN 404C.22TURBO PERKINS ENG - Part Number: HR70541R  On Hand: 2

PERKINS - REMAN 404D-22TURBO PERKINS ENG - Part Number: HR70583  On Hand: 1

PERKINS - REMAN 4.108 PERKINS ENGINE - Part Number: ED70207  On Hand: 1

PERKINS - REMAN 4.236BAL PERKINS ENGINE - Part Number: LD30830  On Hand: 2

PERKINS - REMAN 4.246BAL PERKINS ENGINE - Part Number: LD33470  On Hand: 1

PERKINS - REMAN 4.246NB PERKINS ENGINE - Part Number: LG80521  On Hand: 1

PERKINS - REMAN T4.236NB PERKINS ENGINE - Part Number: LJ33515  On Hand: 1

PERKINS - REMAN 1104.4BAL PERKINS ENGINE - Part Number: RE70529R  On Hand: 1