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The Hercules Team

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Doug Brinkley


As president and owner of Hercules, Doug is responsible for driving growth across all industry segments. He is a hands-on-manager, heavily involved in all aspects of Hercules’ business.

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Mike Patterson

Senior Buyer

Mike is senior buyer and responsible for military and government sales. He has been in the automotive and engine industry for over 35 years.

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Jim Bartel

Operations Manager

Jim is responsible for warehouse and plant operations. He has been with Hercules for more than 10 years, and over that time has been involved in all aspects of product design and manufacturing.

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Gary Brownsberger

Sales / Hercules Parts

Gary is responsible for Hercules parts sales and service. Gary started working at the Hercules Engine Company in 1975 and has been selling Hercules parts for 40 years. If you need hard to ID and find parts to keep your Hercules engine running, Gary is your guy.

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Richard Kuhn

Sales / Perkins Parts

Richard has responsibility for Perkins engine and parts sales. When it comes to Perkins, Richard’s knowledge is unmatched. He has been selling Perkins for more than 35 years and possesses an encyclopedic mind for Perkins part numbers, new and old.

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Mark Crabtree

Sales / Airline GSE & Engine Re-Manufacturing

Mark handles Airline GSE and remanufactured engine customers. His extensive engine expertise comes from decades of experience, and extends to all engine makes and models.

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Guy Anders

Machine Shop Manager

Guy runs our machine shop. He has worked in engine machine shops for three decades, worked on all types of engines, operated every conceivable piece of machinery, and built deep engine knowledge and expertise.

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Kim Zapf

Invoices / Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable

Kim manages the office and handles invoicing, receivables, and payables. Always organized and on top of things, Kim keeps Hercules running smoothly.

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