Huge Inventory of Perkins Diesel Parts

Great Selection of New and Remanufactured Engines

Expertise to Assist You With All of Your Perkins Needs

As an authorized Master Service Dealer for Perkins, we are proud to stock a huge assortment of Perkins engine parts, new and remanufactured diesel engines.

We are one of the largest Master Service Dealers in the country. For customers, this means we carry an extensive inventory of Perkins parts for new engines as well as the older models still in use in the field today. As an Authorized Remanufacturer of Perkins engines, we meet Perkins high standards in remanufacturing engines using only genuine Perkins parts.

If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Perkins specialist, Richard, at or (330) 830-7761.


Hercules Engines were a mainstay in industry and military for many years. During its 85 year history The Hercules Engine Company became well known for producing high quality, dependable, heavy duty gasoline and diesel engines.

In 1999, Hercules Manufacturing was established with the purpose of acquiring specific assets of the defunct Hercules Engine Company in order to support the Hercules customer base with genuine Hercules replacement parts and services.

The newly formed company purchased over eight million dollars of inventory of Hercules parts, the trademarks, trade names, intellectual property (blueprints, cad system etc.) and all unencumbered vendor and in-house Tooling.

Today, Hercules, with its state-of-the-art business systems, manages over 20,000 active part numbers, and the employee base consists of experienced former Hercules employees.

With a worldwide base of over 50 distributors and 20 major OEM’s, the new company is positioned to support the entire Hercules product line for many years to come.

For Genuine Hercules parts and Hercules remanufactured engines contact your distributor below or contact Gary at or (330) 830-3856.


For more than 140 years DEUTZ® engines have been providing innovative, dependable power in a compact size. Hercules proudly offers remanufactured DEUTZ® diesel engines for mobile machinery, generator sets, and agricultural markets. Hercules stocks remanufactured engines in many of the most popular DEUTZ® models, including the 1011 series and 2011 series. 

All DEUTZ® remanufactured engines meet stringent factory specifications for new engines, come fully dyno tested, with test reports, and are backed by a comprehensive one year warranty.

For more information on DEUTZ® remanufactured engines and quotes contact Mark at or (330) 830-7765.


Hercules Manufacturing is the exclusive United States distributor of MWM engine parts.

The energy provided by the MWM Diesel engines drives tractors, harvesters, trucks, generators and irrigation systems. This energy brings reliability, state-of-the-art technology and economy, features that define MWM engines. Whatever the energy needs in your field, you can count on the superior power of MWM Diesel engines. You can count on Hercules Manufacturing to provide the parts you need to keep the engines running.

For MWM parts contact Gary at or (330) 830-3856.


Hercules Engine specializes in four main business areas: parts warehousing and distribution, equipment refurb/reset, order fulfillment and assembly and engine remanufacturing and machining.

US SBA Small Business -CAGE 1ML14 / NAICS Codes 332710, 333611,333613,333618 and 336310.

Hercules has past experience in Government contracting providing warehousing and worldwide distribution of engine components and accessories.  Hercules also has done extensive equipment reset to the US Airline industry producing zero hour ground support equipment reset.

Hercules has equipment, experience and facilities to provide prime or subcontracting services in any of our four major competency areas. Our facilities are fully equipped for engine machining and remanufacturing to formal testing and inspection.  Our reset facility is fully equipped for equipment tear down, inspection, assessment and then rebuilt and tested for delivery.

Parts Warehousing & Distribution – Hercules has equipment, experience and facilities to meet your warehousing and distribution needs.  We have over 12,000 Sq. feet or warehouse space and currently manage over 30,000 SKUs. We offer full component inspection, material and hard to find item sourcing, lot control and kitting and assembly services.

Equipment Refurb / ReSet - Hercules has decades of experience in equipment reset, refurb, and upgrade.  Our past experience includes rebuilding ground support equipment, upgrading and repowering GSE and other industrial equipment in addition to diesel engine remanufacturing and parts distribution. Our reset facility has over 24,000 Sq. Feet and is fully equipped to perform complete ZERO HOUR equipment rebuilding.  Our facilities and capabilities include: 

  • Equipment Teardown / Assessment

  • Body Refurbishment

  • Drive Train Re-Power Electrical – repair replace harness / connectors/ lights and markers

  • Steering / Suspension / Differential– inspect – repair/ service/replace

  • Brake / Tires – service or replace

  • Cab Interior – windows / seats / heater defroster

  • Other Services as needed

Hercules has the experience and facilities to meet your reset needs. 

Order fulfillment and assembly – Hercules has the facilities and experience to manage your customers needs.  We offer material sourcing, inventory management, warehousing, and component kitting and worldwide distribution.  

Engine remanufacturing and machining – Hercules provides complete Engine Remanufacturing and Machine Shop Services. Our fully equipped engine shop can handle boring, milling, honing, precision surface grinding, and engine problem analysis. We rebuild turbos, blowers, clutches and most engine parts. Services include performing a wide range of operations on cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crankshafts and fuel injection systems. Our shop also features dynamometer engine testing up to 1000 horsepower.

For more information on Hercules Military and Government business and services contact Doug Brinkley at (330) 830-7760.


Hercules Manufacturing provides services to the airline industry’s ground support equipment. In addition to providing re-manufactured engines for this equipment, Hercules Manufacturing provides engineering services for companies with equipment needing replacement engines for obsolete engines or hard to find parts. We can find a current engine best suited for your needs and engineer it to fit your application.

In addition, we can completely restore these vehicles, leaving you not only with equipment that not only looks new, but functions like new.

For GSE service, parts, and quotes contact Mark at or (330) 830-7765.


In 2003, Hercules Manufacturing created a complete state-of-the-art engine Re-Manufacturing Center, specializing in Industrial Engines. We service just about any engine: from the small Briggs and Stratton to the large Detroit Diesel, Waukasha and Cummins.

Think of Hercules Engine Components for complete service for automotive and industrial engine applications. We provide rebuild services or complete engine remanufacturing on most engine makes and models. We're ready to handle boring, milling, honing, precision surface grinding, engine problem analysis. We rebuild turbos, blowers, clutches and most engine parts. Services include performing a wide range of operations on cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crankshafts and fuel injection systems. Our shop also features dynamometer engine testing up to 1000 horsepower.

For more information on Hercules machine shop services and quotations call Jim Bartel at (330) 830-7762 or email or contact Guy Anders at (330) 830-2498.

Engine remanufacturing and machining

Our fully equipped engine shop provides the following services: 

  • Cylinder Block

    • Re-bore / Hone 1.25” – 15”

    • RR Freeze plugs

    • Magnaflux

    • Resurfacing to Engine Specs

    1. Cylinder Head

      • Valves / reface / repair rebuild rockers

    2. Connecting Rods

      • Complete rod service

    3. Crankshaft

      • Straighten / align / weld journals

    4. Fuel Injection Systems

      • Calibration rebuild / repair

    5. Other Misc.

      • Rebuild or complete remanufacturing on most Engine makes and models

      • Boring, milling, honing, precision surface grinding

      • Rebuild turbo, blowers, clutches

    6. Dynamometer Engine Testing to 1000 HP