Perkins Diesel Parts and Engines

Huge Inventory of Perkins Diesel Parts

We at Hercules are proud to serve as a certified dealer of Perkins engines, but we do more than simply sell you engines and parts and send you on your way. Our technicians are certified in the repair and remanufacturing of Perkins products, which allows us to handle both warranty claims and general repairs.


We also employ Perkins electronic scanning and diagnostic services so that all potential issues can be identified quickly and accurately. Our fully equipped service truck allows for comprehensive field work, and you also have the option of bringing your equipment to us for repair in our 20,000 square foot R&O facility with multiple bays and overhead cranes.

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Every remanufactured engine we offer comes with:

  • Comprehensive One Year Warranty
  • Fully Dyno Tested With Report: Dynamometer Test Recording Horsepower and Engine Parameters Through Varying Loads.
  • Magnafluxed castings to Meet Re-Use Qualifications
  • Updated Flange Liners When Required
  • All Engines Painted, Bagged/Tagged and Skidded for Shipment to Customer for Installation.

Please give us a call at (330) 880-6050 if you're interested in learning more about our Perkins models.