Hercules Engine specializes in four main business areas: parts warehousing and distribution, equipment refurb/reset, order fulfillment and assembly and engine remanufacturing and machining.

US SBA Small Business -CAGE 1ML14 / NAICS Codes 332710, 333611,333613,333618 and 336310.

Hercules has past experience in Government contracting providing warehousing and worldwide distribution of engine components and accessories.  Hercules also has done extensive equipment reset to the US Airline industry producing zero hour ground support equipment reset.

Hercules has equipment, experience and facilities to provide prime or subcontracting services in any of our four major competency areas. Our facilities are fully equipped for engine machining and remanufacturing to formal testing and inspection.  Our reset facility is fully equipped for equipment tear down, inspection, assessment and then rebuilt and tested for delivery.

Parts Warehousing & Distribution – Hercules has equipment, experience and facilities to meet your warehousing and distribution needs.  We have over 12,000 Sq. feet or warehouse space and currently manage over 30,000 SKUs. We offer full component inspection, material and hard to find item sourcing, lot control and kitting and assembly services.

Equipment Refurb / ReSet - Hercules has decades of experience in equipment reset, refurb, and upgrade.  Our past experience includes rebuilding ground support equipment, upgrading and repowering GSE and other industrial equipment in addition to diesel engine remanufacturing and parts distribution. Our reset facility has over 24,000 Sq. Feet and is fully equipped to perform complete ZERO HOUR equipment rebuilding.  Our facilities and capabilities include: 

  • Equipment Teardown / Assessment
  • Body Refurbishment
  • Drive Train Re-Power Electrical – repair replace harness / connectors/ lights and markers 
  • Steering / Suspension / Differential– inspect – repair/ service/replace 
  • Brake / Tires – service or replace 
  • Cab Interior – windows / seats / heater defroster 
  • Other Services as needed

Hercules has the experience and facilities to meet your reset needs. 

Order fulfillment and assembly – Hercules has the facilities and experience to manage your customers needs.  We offer material sourcing, inventory management, warehousing, and component kitting and worldwide distribution.  

Engine remanufacturing and machining – Hercules provides complete Engine Remanufacturing and Machine Shop Services. Our fully equipped engine shop can handle boring, milling, honing, precision surface grinding, and engine problem analysis. We rebuild turbos, blowers, clutches and most engine parts. Services include performing a wide range of operations on cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crankshafts and fuel injection systems. Our shop also features dynamometer engine testing up to 1000 horsepower.

For more information on Hercules Military and Government business and services contact Jack Custer at (330) 830-2498 ext 104.