In 2003, Hercules Manufacturing created a complete state-of-the-art engine Re-Manufacturing Center, specializing in Industrial Engines. We service just about any engine: from the small Briggs and Stratton to the large Detroit Diesel, Waukasha and Cummins.

Think of Hercules Engine Components for complete service for automotive and industrial engine applications. We provide rebuild services or complete engine remanufacturing on most engine makes and models. We're ready to handle boring, milling, honing, precision surface grinding, engine problem analysis. We rebuild turbos, blowers, clutches and most engine parts. Services include performing a wide range of operations on cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, crankshafts and fuel injection systems. Our shop also features dynamometer engine testing up to 1000 horsepower.

For more information on Hercules machine shop services and quotations call Jim Bartel at (330) 830-2498 ext 105 or email or contact Guy Anders at (330) 830-2498 ext. 100

Engine remanufacturing and machining

Our fully equipped engine shop provides the following services: 

    • Cylinder Block
      • Re-bore / Hone 1.25” – 15”
      • RR Freeze plugs 
      • Magnaflux
      • Resurfacing to Engine Specs
    • Cylinder Head
      • Valves / reface / repair rebuild rockers 
    • Connecting Rods
      • Complete rod service 
    • Crankshaft
      • Straighten / align / weld journals 
    • Fuel Injection Systems 
      • Calibration rebuild / repair 
    • Other Misc. 
      • Rebuild or complete remanufacturing on most Engine makes and models 
      • Boring, milling, honing, precision surface grinding 
      • Rebuild turbo, blowers, clutches
    • Dynamometer Engine Testing to 1000 HP